Saturday, August 20, 2011

Late..late night

The effects of going to the dentist and taking antibotics are WIDE AWAKE.  I took my medicine as prescribed and found myself in my craft room until 2:30am, not tired and working on my Idea board.  Finally hubby came in to rescue me from my madness and brought me to bed (or at least he tried).  I did try to close my eyes, but by this time I was over tired and my eyes were not cooperating.  I decided rather than toss and turn and disrupt the hubby, to go downstairs and watch some t.v.  Low and behold one of my favorite movies were on...Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!  Wooohoooo a movie I could enjoy and I am not tired, a concoction for no sleep.  Well I almost stayed up to the end of the movie, but thankfully I fell asleep near the end and just in time for my youngest son to get up for work...yes people....I got a wooping 2 hours sleep and now I am trying to complete my Idea board for tomorrow.  I will post some pictures in a bit for you all to see. 

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