Friday, August 19, 2011

What an adventure

Today was my day to go to the dentist (hense the D Day) and oh my what an adventure!  I went to my appointment thinking I only required one tooth pulled, but the dentist ended up removing a second tooth.  I was a little fussy about the needle (who isn't) because in my eyes the needle looks 8 inches long and really scary...LOL...after a few deep breathes I was ready for the gigantic needle.  The first needle was a breeze, BUT the second one felt like it was being injected into my sinus cavity.  I practically jumped out of the dentistry chair and into my hubby's lap because of the weird sensation I felt (like when you get pop up your nose) from the freezing.  I am not too sure who was more surprise me or the dentist.  Again after a few really deep breathes I was able to get on with the appointment and have me teeth pulled.  I am a little sore, but doing well!

Tonight I am planning on spray painting my Making Memories Embellishment center and mounting it on my craft room wall...I will take a few pictures to show you what color I chose to paint it and how it looks on my wall.  If I am feeling adventurous I may take a video instead...stay tuned for my second adventure.

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